Advanced Threat Protection

Cybersecurity testing services

External Penetration Testing

Do you know if your applications and networks are safe from external threats? Our external penetration testing services simulate an attacker attempting to exploit your internet-facing networks and applications. This helps you identify exploitable vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your perimeter that leave you exposed.

Our approach helps you determine if an external attacker can breach your perimeter. We will also help your enterprise satisfy testing requirements for compliance with third-parties. Finally, we will make sure you understand how to prevent your sensitive data from being exposed.

Internal Penetration Testing

Your internal network is the lifeblood of your organization. It contains all of your company's information, both public and private. If an attacker gains access to your internal network all of your data can be compromised.

Our approach is to simulate an attacker who has gained access to your internal network. This allows us to determine the most likely vulnerabilities a hacker would use to access your internal network and access your sensitive data.

Red Teaming

Our red team approach focuses on two core threats to your business: current vulnerabilities and future threats. We will identify any vulnerabilities that hackers can currently use to exploit your enterprise and help you prepare for future attacks. This method ensures that you are protected both reactively and proactively.

Our method goes beyond just your company's technology. We review your people, processes, and functions to help you anticipate and moniter broader sources of risk. Every client has a different set of risks and we custom tailor our services to meet your needs.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a tactic where hackers trick your staff into revealing sensitive information and is actually quite effective. We will educate your team on the latest methods being used by hackers and ensure your company's hardware is updated with the latest security patches.

Our process ensures your enterprise has the latest security for all phones, email, and physical hardware. We will help determine if there are any weak links in your personnel and how susceptibile your company is to phishing attacks. We will even review the strength of your teams' passwords and ensure two-factor authorization is enabled.

Application Penetration Testing

Is your application safe? We help determine your application’s security measures by simulating the same methods that use hackers use. This allows us to discover your vulnerablities in a real-world environment and provides us with the information necessary to protect you from likely paths of compromise.

Our thorough process tests all aspects of your application including APIs, mobile compatability, third-party software, and more. This method helps you fully understand where you are vulnerable to an external attack. It also provides you with the information necessary to identify areas you can improve your application from future attacks.